Mailifaux and others

Malifaux is more than just another skirmish game, it also exists as a rather splendid and different role play game.

The setting for both is an alternate universe entered through a sort of portal or wormhole, discovered in the  mid to late Victorian era.  This other world is being colonized by Earth folk of somewhat questionable moral fibre ( a bit like Australia in the 1700s. 

These settlers are imbued with strange and wondrous powers, often quite dark. 

This leads to interesting roleplay encounters and a really varied theme skirmish game. Some players may be avatars of the recently deceased, others just characters in the style of steampunk cowboys.  There is even an army of Hog farmers fighting with their loyal swine.

No dice are used, just a fate deck  and the small hand of cards you hold to cheat fate…

As always, it needs to be tried to be enjoyed, and Colne Gaming Corner staff and customers are always happy to show newcomers how to play