Cardfight Vanguard

One of our particular favourite pastimes is playing Cardfight Vanguard.

It manages to combine at least two of our favourite things, collectible cardgames and Anime.

The cards all have a fantastic anime feel and  the structure of the game is easy to learn. The starter decks are competitive and  it is easier to theme a deck than many games. 

You are an astral traveller borrowing the physical bodies of the denizens of planet Cray, riding and rising from weak creatures to god slayers.

As ever we are happy to teach the game and have everything you need to become a card fighter… it will help you to watch the anime on You tube which gives very clear instructions and examples of how to play.

You can choose from clans of Noble Knights,Ninjas, Animal school children,Giant robots, circus performers, Space Invaders and creatures from the world’s darker recesses, even a variant of an American football team.

Come and try it, the experience is very different.


We also support Pokemon and have players for older games such as Game of Thrones.