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Welcome to the shop  Yuletide greetings and Happy season!

Players in the shop

Just in case you were wondering, we do not sell or give advice about computer games or consoles. The games we support are physical not digital. We support all sorts of games from the standards like Warhammer (both 40k and Age of Sigmar) to Magic the Gathering and also board games such as Puerto Rico, Pandemic, Hero Realms, Splendour and Agricola as well as many, many more. We also have an active Dungeons and Dragons community as well as players of a host of other role play games including Dungeon Crawl Classic and Malifaux.


We have regular games of skirmish games like Malifaux for instance.

 To see all the varieties and wonders we offer, you will have to visit us. We also offer a fine line of snacks and drinks.  Oh ! we also offer gift cards so you can pay for presents for loved ones you don’t quite know the choices of.

Opening Times: Christmas opening:  We will close at 10pm 23/ December and reopen 5 January at 16:00.

Mon, Tue: closed

Wed, Thurs, Fri.  16:00 -22:00

Sat, Sun                12:00 – 18.00