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Just in case you were wondering, we do not sell or give advice about computer games or consoles. The games we support are physical not digital. We support all sorts of games from the standards like Warhammer (both 40k and Age of Sigmar) to Magic the Gathering and also board games such as Puerto Rico, Pandemic, Hero Realms, Splendour and Agricola as well as many, many more. We also have an active Dungeons and Dragons community as well as players of a host of other role play games including Dungeon Crawl Classic and Malifaux.

We have regular games of skirmish games like Malifaux for instance.

 To see all the varieties and wonders we offer, you will have to visit us. We also offer a fine line of snacks and drinks.

 Covid friendly rules from 31 July

No being within 2 metres!  Please browse with your eyes and only pick up items you wish to buy. Cards for payment only at the moment please. No more than 2 people or 1 household in the shop.  A one way system willl be in place, enter door by the counter exit through the far door. 

GAMING IS OFF until we depart Level 2 or higher ..


Please don’t linger after purchasing.  We have sanitiser to hand (!)  please use before browsing. Items will be disinfected if touched and not bought. Staff will be wearing PPE. 

We are able to take online orders and arrange deliveries in quite swift timescales if stock is to hand In these ever changing times be aware should we not be allowed to mix, The Shop has plans to keep us together online. A Roll 20 account and Discord server are  now set up, any virtual DMs can talk to us. Keep an eye out for Warhammer new stuff, hopefully for shop sale, but it will be available online too

New opening times from April 12 :  Sun, Mon Tue   Closed. 

Wed,Thur, Fri  5.00pm-8.00pm     Sat’  Noon until 4.00pm

There will be no in shop play until covid rules allow

Thank you all, for your continued support

Hi the online store is currently  offline.

Welcome to the receding lockdown

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